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"Quarry" and "Sojourn at Alexandria"
The Internet - Collaboration Between Artists and Live Webcast to the Audience

Balletaufführung einer realen Gruppe auf einer Bühne in San Francisco, wo per WWW-Streaming Mitarbeitende von andern Bühnen weltweit zeitgleich eingespielt werden. Das aktuelle Projekt heisst "Sojourn at Alexandria". Die zeitliche Verschiebung der Übertragung ist integrierter Bestandteil der Aufführung. Eine nächste Stufe wäre wohl, dass z.B. auf fünf Bühnen weltweit zeitgleich ein Balletstück aufgeführt wird, jeweils an einem Ort real und aus den andern vier virtuell eingespielt. Wahrscheinlich liessen sich dabei vier Orchster einsparen...

Through the extraordinary ability of the Internet to enable real time collaboration between artists, Quarry expands in previously untried and potent ways the boundaries within which live dance performance has existed. The audience is drawn into an intense work that plays upon the unpredictability of two live events combined in one space. New vistas are revealed between artists and audiences, irrespective of location, and through this process Quarry brings a previously unseen, complex visual language to life.

Liss Fain Dance

We invite you to learn more about the Liss Fain Dance and our collaborators as we push the boundries of live performance and real-time collaboration using the Internet.
Liss Fain Dance, a modern dance company based in San Francisco, has earned a reputation for vibrant, abstract pieces crafted from movement and steps that traverse broad areas. The company's works are replete with images both abstract and personal; technical precision and heightened physicality underscore the dances. Liss Fain's personal travel experiences and literary investigations are often the impetus for the development of new work. Collaborations with technologists have led to innovative projects that expand the choreographic and performance parameters of contemporary dance.

Quarry - The Dance and The Sculptor
Pushing the Boundaries of Live Performance

The Project
Quarry is a collaborative work that uses technology to push the boundaries of live performance in ways impossible before the Internet. The piece is a collaboration between artists separated by great distance, viewed by both a live audience in the theater as well as a global audience experiencing the performance via a live Internet webcast. Quarry merges two real time events using video streamed live through the Internet -live dancers on stage in a theater in San Francisco and a sculptor at work a hundred miles away. By streaming the video of the sculptor in real time, the audience experiences the unpredictability of a live event with its concomitant surprises as well as accessing an artist working in a way that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.