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Nichtrauchertag 2001
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nude adrift - naked city
Thousands of Montrealers strip for photo by American artist

Die SFGate schrieb am 05/27/01:
Some 2,000 stretch out in the nude on the stairs of Montreal's Place des Arts to pose for a photograph by New York photographer Spencer Tunick Saturday in Montreal. Tunick's Nude Adrift series will take him to every continent, including Antarctica, to shoot more group nudes. He says he is attempting to show humanity's collective vulnerability in a cruel, harsh world. Associated Press photo by Paul Chiasson via Canadian Press

Die Montreal Gazette meinte dazu am 05/05/01:
Headlining a group exhibit called Metamorphosis and Cloning, opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art on May 25, Tunick is asking volunteers to pose for one of his "human sculptures" outside - somewhere, some day, at dawn.
With 90 unabashed Montrealers signed up already, the "performance" - as much as the result - will be revealing, he says.
"It's always like a giant sea of pink with shades of browns and tans and yellows. But it's also a very human thing that brings people together. The spirit of the body shines at these moments. It's very peaceful." Bild stammt aus Chinatown L.A.

Bild aus der Aktion in New York City am 06/06/2000 ("It's a victory for myself and any contemporary artist working with the body," Tunick said as he directed his photographic subjects beneath the Williamsburg Bridge.) Bild 2

The Invisibility of Being Naked - mit QT-Interviews

Die Tampa Tribune schrieb am 04/05/01: "Spencer Tunick is more interested in composition of shapes and in a social statement than titillation. His work is far from pornographic."