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PISA (2001) SAIP

Alberta students achieve top marks in math

Edmonton. Alberta's 13 and 16-year-old students led the country with their best ever provincial results in mathematics, according to a 2001 Canada-wide assessment. Alberta students improved from the 1997 assessment when compared to nearly every other province and territory.

"Our students continue to perform among the best in Canada. We have excellent teachers, a solid curriculum and an effective student assessment program. Alberta sets high educational standards and our students continue to excel as they strive to meet those standards," said Dr. Lyle Oberg, Minister of Learning.

Den ganzen Artikel kann man auf dieser Seite lesen. Alle Grafiken zur Steigerung des albertanischen Selbstwertgefühls sind einer pdf-Datei zu entnehmen. Dennoch könnte dieser Artikel eine interessante Diskussion auslösen über das, was im Mathematikunterricht eigentlich passieren sollte. Was meinst du dazu?

Oder fehlt uns der "Minister of Learning", der sagte:

May 20, 2001

Statement from the Minister of Learning

As the Minister of Learning I am the first to say that teachers in this province are the best in the country. I appreciate their dedication and talent. Through Budget 2001 we have provided dollars to make Alberta teachers the best paid on average among provinces and to improve the work environment by providing more resources for the classroom. I encourage the Alberta Teachers' Association to continue to work with students will not be negatively impacted in the process.

Dr. Lyle Oberg, Minister [Original]