Interactice Algebra


A bissl Englisch brauchts schon, aber man kann ja auch mal was brauchen, was man in der Schule lernt.
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Do you . . .

  • need more practice on your Algebra problems?
  • sometimes waste time on problems you already know,
  • while struggling with other types of problems?
  • usually learn more quickly on your own?
  • figure out how to do the problems by looking at lots of examples?
  • only need an occasional hint?

If your answer is "Yes!" to any of these questions, then you need to try Interactive Algebra tutorials!

Instructions für die Nutzung des Programms Interactive Algebra:

  • Do as many problems as you need to, at whatever pace you wish to go.
  • The problems are generated at random. They're different every time.
  • Every time you get to see the answer, and how to do the problem!
  1. Click on .
  2. Do the problem on paper.
  3. Click on "show the answer".
  4. Use "show step 2" to help correct your work.
  5. Repeat by clicking on until you can do the problems easily.


UNIT ONE: Equations and Inequalities

3. Klasse Algebra, Gleichungen und Ungleichungen [Lesson 1 - 5]

Lesson 1 (Equations: ax + b = c)
Lesson 2 (Equations: ax + b = cx + d)
Lesson 3 (Inequalities: ax + b > c)
Lesson 4 (Inequalities: ax + b < cx + d)
Lesson 5 (Absolute Value: |x| = c)

UNIT TWO: Factoring

3./4. Klasse Algebra, Faktorisieren [Lesson 1 - 5] (L.3 fak.)

Lesson 1 (Factoring for x2 + bx + c)
Lesson 2 (Factoring for ax2 + bx + c)
Lesson 3 (Factoring for ax2 + bx + c) - including negatives

Lesson 4 (Factoring for a2 - b2) - difference of squares
Lesson 5 (Factoring Helper) - factors trinomials of your choice

UNIT THREE: Graphing

3./4. Klasse Algebra, Lineare Gleichungen grafisch darstellen [Lesson 1 - 4] (fak.)

Lesson 1 (Graphing Ordered Pairs)
Lesson 2 (Calculating Slope)
Lesson 3 (Graphing a Line: y = mx + b)
Lesson 4 (Graphing Helper for y = mx + b)

Interactive Algebra
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